You are viewing the Motorola Solutions R7 Full-Keypad Handportable Radios available in 2 separate versions, CAPABLE and PREMIUM. These products are recently launched and their full capability can been seen under the ‘Features Tab’ on this page.


The NEW Motorola Solutions R7 Series of radios includes the R7a, the R7 Capable and the R7 Premium. The R7 Capable and Premium are available in full keypad and non-keypad versions.


The R7a radio has a fixed feature set, the R7 Capable can be upgraded by licence key to activate additional features and the R7 Premium is supplied fully featured from the box. *


MOTOTRBO™ R7 is a digital portable two-way radio that offers loud, clear, and customisable audio in a rugged, dependable, and connected device. Its advanced audio processing ensures that your voice is always understood, while the rugged construction is ready for the toughest environments.


*(Licences for Cap Max and AES Encryption are at additional cost across all R7 models including R7a)

Software Features (Included out of the box):
GNSS (Included in Premium Models) Option
WI-Fi (Included in Premium Models) Option
Bluetooth 5,2 (Included in Premium Models) Option
Indoor Location (Included in Premium Models) Option
Man Down (Fall Alert) (Included in Premium Models) Option
Audio Recording (Included in Premium Models) Option
Generic Sensor (Included in Premium Models) Option
M-Radio Control App (Included in Premium Models) Option
Transmit Interrupt Encode Yes
Enhanced Noise Cancellation (SINC+) Yes
Mute Mode Yes
Recelve Audio Levelling Yes
Text to Speech Yes
Transmit Inhibit Yes
Response Inhibit Yes
MDC and 5- Tone Yes
Digital Telephone Patch Yes
Radio Inhibit/Radio Disable Yes
Authenticated Radio Disable/Remote Monitor Yes
Third Party Applications Yes
Intrinsically Safe Models (UL/TIA4950) Yes
Base Privacy Yes
Enhanced Privacy Yes
AES256 Privacy Option
Systems Supported:
Analogue Conventional Yes
Digital Conventional Yes
IP Site Connect Yes
Capacity Plus (Single & Mult) Yes
Capacity Max (Advantage & Full) Option
Main Radio Features:
Max. Number of Channels 1000
Side Programmable Buttons 3
Front Programmable Buttons Yes
Top Channel knob Positions Continuous
Top Programmable (Orange) Button Yes
Ingress Protection Rating IP66 and IP68