Icom IC-F4029SDR


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With the recent emergence of the digital two way radio, Icom is the first to introduce an unlicensed digital radio, the Icom IC-F4029SDR. Based on the design of Icom’s licensed digital portables, the IC-F3022/F4022 series, this brand new radio has excellent digital clarity and razor sharp signalling performance.

With the introduction of the latest 6.25kHz ultra narrow digital voice technologies, it also makes use of less congested dedicated digital PMR channels. With fantastic sound quality and great features this product will create a new dimension in communications for commercial and private users alike.



  • 16 Channels: The Icom IC- F4029SDR only uses half the channel spacing of the existing analogue PMR 446 system. This means there are 16 channels to choose from in stead of previously only 8.
  • Backwards Compatible – Use As Digital Or Analogue PMR446: The radio can be set to work either as the current type simple analogue PMR446 radio or as a digital PMR446 radio with all the added benefits. This means that it can be compatible with any other unlicensed radio if on the correct setting.
  • 32 Predefined Status Messages: 32 predefined status messages can be sent and received. 16-character messages and 6 types of alert beeps are programmable for each message.
  • “Common ID” Group Code: This function is similar to an analogue CTCSS/DTCS code. By setting 1–254 common ID codes, the IC-F4029SDR opens its squelch only when a matched code is received. It provides quiet stand-by and group call functions while sharing a channel with several groups. The code “255” is the fixed code for an all stations call.
  • Security Of Digital Voice: Digital radios are much more secure than analogue radios, and at this moment it is not at all possible for scanner receivers to eavesdrop. Since there are no other competing radios, initial users will have a high level of security while in digital voice communication mode.
  • Compatible with Motorola & Kenwood PMR446 Radios: In addition to Icom’s default channel settings, other channel zones are preprogrammed to have matched settings with Kenwood and Motorola PMR446 models currently on the market.



  • Frequency range – 446.00625–446.09375MHz
  • 500mW Power Output
  • Dimensions 52.2×186.1 ×24.5mm (With BP-279)
  • Weight 240g (With BP-279)
  • IP67 Waterproof and Dust-tight Protection (1 metre depth for 30 mins)
  • MIL-STD-810-G