System Design

At Radio Communications Online, our starting point is to match exactly the right equipment to each individual customer’s needs, offering maximum choice and availability.

Our system design service draws on quality equipment from six major, global manufacturers, with worldwide reputations. Because each customer’s requirements are unique, we match the best constellation of products to deliver a bespoke solution that comprises reliable communications and desired features – all in a one-stop-shop, cost-effective package.

Our technical team’s unrivalled knowledge of the various manufacturer’s hand portables, base stations, control systems, allowing them to design a system that is right for you, and right for your budget.

When you call us, a knowledgeable professional will listen to your requirements, questions and concerns, then guide you through the available options until you arrive, together, at the system that will work best for you. They will then liaise with our engineers to design the system and provide you with a complete breakdown of the relevant costs and delivery timescales.




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