Radio Licensing

Radio licensing can be a minefield for the unwary, but at Radio Communications Online, we can advise customers on whether or not they will need a licence, the type of licence they are going to need, and even obtain a licence on their behalf.

In the United Kingdom, licensing is regulated by Ofcom. If you do need to apply for, renew, or amend a licence, our experienced staff will be happy to guide you through the relevant form-filling and application process, as well as give you an indication of the likely cost and duration of a licence (costs can vary according to license type, frequency band, antenna height, your location – and various other factors).

You will not need a licence for PMR446 radios, nor will you need a licence, in most cases, when you hire radios from Radio Communications Online. Otherwise, VHF and UHF radios will need a licence. The type of licence you require will depend on whether or not you are just using handheld radios, have additional infrastructure to boost and distribute radio signals, as well as the geographical footprint you wish to cover.